IT Mothership provides full MSP services for your organization.  We know you want to do what your business wants to do and  we will gladly take over the grunt work of managing your servers and workstations.  Today’s on premise and cloud technologies are very popular and becoming more and more standard.  These new “BIG IT” initiatives require a knowledge base that many organizations simply can’t dedicate enough time or staff to keep up with all the changes.  With our MSP Complete Services, we effectively become your IT Department and apply our many years of enterprise knowledge to help solve your company’s “BIG IT” needs.

From the Firewall all the way back to the Antivirus on your workstations, we’ll make sure your systems are safe and running the way they are meant to run.

With MSP complete you will receive:

  • Remote Monitoring of all Servers and workstations
  • Reliable Onsite and Offsite Backups of your business critical data
  • Priority Remote support 
  • Priority Onsite support (discounted rate)
  • Remote access to all covered servers and workstations.
  • Antivirus installed, monitored and updated for each server and workstation.
  • Patching of all covered servers and workstations.
  • Monitoring of all covered servers and workstations for issues such as Disk space, High
    memory utilization, Event log monitoring and any other critical events so that we can
    proactively fix issues before they cause an outage. Many issues will be fixed
    automatically or with minimum effort at no charge.